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Monday, September 24, 2007

From: An interview with Eckhart Tolle by Michael Bertrand

So hardly any of us are going to have some flashing moment of realization.

Some do, but that's not necessary. Gradually a state arising that is inner stillness rather than noise, a state when mind activity becomes secondary. All the mental noise no longer has the power to grab you and to draw your attention in so completely that you're totally identified with it. You begin to be able to see thinking as just thinking, not such a big deal, and you realize that all the problems that you and most humans are burdened with are mental noise.

There's no reality to any problem. I'm not saying that challenges don't exist in life. Challenges come, but the only way they can exist is in the Now and that's the only place where you can face the challenge by taking action in the Now or surrendering to what is. In either case it's not a problem.

You can verify this for yourself by asking, "What problem do I have at this moment?" When you ask that question the mind becomes still and you realize this moment is actually fine, because most moments are fine. Even when they don't look fine on the surface, if you become still enough, the present moment always has a deep goodness to it underneath the external appearance of what's happening in it because the very power of your being is inseparable from what I call the Now.

Ultimately the Now is the power of your consciousness prior to thought, prior to forms arising out of it.

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