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Sunday, September 23, 2007


While the concept of oneness may be intellectually appealing, it is
nevertheless difficult to put into practice. It's no hardship to feel
oneness with great and noble beings or those we already love. It's
also not too much of a stretch to experience a sense of unity with
the trees, the ocean, and the sky. But most of us balk at experiencing
oneness with the cockroach or the rat-let alone the obnoxious co-worker
whom we barely tolerate. Yet this is precisely where we need to apply
Vedanta's teachings and realize that all these manifold aspects of
creation are united in and through divinity. The Self that is within me,
the Atman, is the same Self that is within you-no matter whether the
"you" in question is a saint, a murderer, a cat, a fly, a tree, or that
irritating driver at the four-way stop.

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