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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Practice: Prompt-- The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses over it: 10 minutes

Note: *What I have written below came out in a timed (ten minute) writing practice. Other than spell check (and adding a few periods here and there) it is in its unedited, raw form. Please click on writing practice for more detailed information.

The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses over it. There are dark corners in my mind that I don't seem to have access to. My heart tries to reach in there and move things around, tries to fill the gap of all that emptiness.

This one has got me thinking way too much and I don't want to think. I want to take a blanket and place it on a sandy beach, shake the wrinkles out and sit for a long time. I want to watch the sky turn from light blue to pale yellow and pink and then orange. The ocean would be churning restlessly, white foam on the shore. There is nothing obstructing my view here. The air is crisp, the wind light and caressing. I sink my feet into the still warm sand and look out to endless ocean. I look to each side of me. There is nothing but sand. No people, no voices, no distractions. There is no one I need to be, no one that places demands on me or wants me to be any way. I settle deeper into the sand.

The waves crash again and again. The sun is gone for the day. I wait now in quiet for that first star to appear and then another and then too many for me to count. The sky is full now of little lights-billions of little lights. The world is big. So huge and vast and full and empty, so beautiful and ugly, so loud and quiet. I am nothing but a quiet observer, in a quiet moment, fleeting and forgetful. Here today, gone tomorrow. It's all pretty insignificant really, and at the same time, so very significant.

What will I do here today that will still be here tomorrow? And maybe that's part of the problem--all the trying rather than simply being, with the warm sand, the foaming waves, the billions of stars and something I can feel but will never see.

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  1. I used to often think about stopping the world for a while to let me catch up or catch a breath. With my imagination I hope - I hope to see the stars and tell you what I see.


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