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Friday, September 14, 2007


The tiny snowman on the front lawn
has lost his carrot nose
and acorn eyes
his stick arms reach out
as if to say
I’m still here

His body holds pictures
of a snowy afternoon
big flakes melting on open smiles
and freckled cheeks,
giggles warming frozen air
lighting gray with pink

Toddler hands touching snow
for the first time, sisters
taking turns rolling
and building, until--delighted,
a form is shaped

The little one points upward
her brown moon eyes
meet the setting sun,
the sky now blushing roses;
She points as if to say
Look. Stop. Pay attention.
It’s still here

Moments frozen
in that snowman’s body
in cold little girl toes
tucked in pink boots,
brown curls dancing with snowflakes;
young ones in awe of it all.

I look through frosty glass
at the faceless snowman, dripping
his snow body onto winter grass;
my heart a puddle
of moments
that were.

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