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Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Light

In this patch of sunlight
she writes
and wants
and waits
for something that will not come.
Steam rises
from the cold, wet grass
a single droplet
lets go
of the Oak leaf.
It does not matter
what happened yesterday
or even a moment ago
The trees do not remember.
They do not
wait either, as she
does now.
They know
this full moment
is all
there is
That within it
the Sun.


  1. I really enjoy this poem. It really reminds me of myself and that inner longing that I feel on some days. The need or urge to wish something to be or to come forth that is seemingly unable.

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  3. What an amazing daughter I have!! The Light speaks volumes about your knowledge of life and life's lessons. You are my LIGHT and you shine so bright. What an inspiration you are to anyone who reads The Light.


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