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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stay Innocent, "Untrainable" and Unstoppable; Tama J. Kieves

If you want to create the work you love, forget everything that has ever happened before, and step into this moment. A certain kind of amnesia is the best success strategy I know. The eager run through open fields. The beleaguered trip on daisies.

Recently I coached Julie, a psychotherapist who had three new prospects call her in the past week. While I felt excited for her, I noticed Julie's tone was flat as the kitchen table. She could have been telling me about historic weather patterns there in San Diego. "Yeah I've seen this before. There's a little spike of interest and then it dies down," she said. Suddenly I felt my interest die down, plummet actually. The adult had stormed into the room and told us to stop jumping up and down on the bed.

Of course Julie had her reasons for staying cautious and a bit deflated. She'd had "experience" and she hauled her past into the room like a water buffalo. It took up all the space. "You know, this doesn't have to be like the past," I said softly. "Yeah, I don't want to get my hopes up," she remarked. "I've been down that road." And that's when I knew we had turned a dangerous corner. We were no longer on a magical adventure. We were on "a known road." She'd lost her innocence and, with it, the possibility of creating amazing results.

Doing the work you love is about getting off the "road." It's about getting back in touch with the invisible stream of possibility. You have never been in this moment before. And when you enter this moment with excitement and love, you change the possibility of every possibility. Learning useful lessons from experience is wonderful. Learning to be jaded is not. Our work is about shining, growing our light, not limiting it.

Stay innocent. Forgiven. Unconditional. Untainted. Curious and alive.

Turn your back to the world's statistics, predictions, and noise and turn your heart toward the silent knowing that only you know. Your true work is not of this world. It comes from a wellspring of power beyond limits and conditioning. Do not limit an unlimited flow with your artless assumptions and conclusions about the past. This is not about getting our hopes up....but keeping our creative conviction strong. We will have what we need. We do not know the timing or the form. But we are always in a new circumstance, always standing on holy ground. Receive the gifts of the moment, even if it's just interest in your business that doesn't pan out yet. Resist the temptation to allow the past to shape or foreshadow the potential of the present.

Personally, I have a fantastic business guru. His name is Emerson. My dog is the best teacher I've ever met for staying true to desire and nothing else. He is part black Lab, part Bassett Hound, and all tail-wagging fabulous force of joy. He does not live life based on the past--- that would be training--and he has no use for that. He breathes only enthusiasm. For example, he tries to get on the bed and I tell him "No!" He backs off. It doesn't crush his feelings nor does it apply for more than a minute. He doesn't think it's a trend or a reflection of his worth. He just leaps on the bed again. I tell him "No!" but he's not thinking "this is how it's always going to be. I'll never get on the bed." Pretty soon my Velcro pet has managed to get himself on the bed. I look over at him as he curls up in bliss and comfort and I melt. Emerson gets to stay on the bed. All he did was stay in touch with his singular desire and try again. And again and again and again. Every moment presented a new set of rules and conditions for him. Anything else, would be training.

By the way, Julie called back each of her three prospects with love--and each of them enthusiastically started working with her.

Refuse to be trained. Stay innocent....and alive. Remember, you have never been down this road before. There is no road. There is only desire or lack of desire, "experience" or innocence, magic or magic postponed.

Tama©Copyright 2006 Tama J. Kieves. All rights reserved.

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