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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coffee Shop Boy

I’m sad for the children of the world. I am sad for the little boy who sits eating his yogurt, ignored by his jabbering mother. He does not try to speak to her; he has learned that his words don't get her attention. He is a burden for her, you can tell. He can tell too.

It’s not a sweet way to start life, feeling ignored and a burden. He sits alone while she swears and complains with her fat friend. She twirls her hair and sighs and shakes her head every few minutes; bored and disillusioned with life. She does not look at him. She does not see the beauty sitting right before her.

His sweet brown eyes scan the room, looking for something he thinks he does not have. He has learned, already, that life is a struggle. He has learned how to stay quiet and seated. He has learned not to ask questions, that it isn’t okay to explore and be curious. He has learned how to complain and blame.

He has not yet learned that bundled inside him, all safe and sound, is beauty like he has never known. He has not learned how to love and be loving; how to smile sweetly and give unconditionally.

He wanders around now, as all four-year-olds do, she tells him to sit down NOW. He spills his water on the floor; she says, “AH CRAP!” She carries him back to his chair--it’s the most attention he’s gotten all morning.

I want to take this sweet child in my arms and tell him he’s beautiful; that he is not a burden. I want to rain kindness down on her, soften her heart somehow so she can see what is in front of her, so she can uncover what is buried deep inside of her.

I want to splash an ocean of goodness in and throughout every single suffering being ; take the pain of the world, in its enormity, and blow it far far away.

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