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Monday, June 23, 2008

Natalie Says...

On page 186 of Natalie Goldberg’s new book, “Old Friend From Far Away”, she says...

“Take a breath. Yes, you will need to be determined-writing takes commitment. It also takes space-space to write and space to receive. I could tell you in four words what to do and it will hold you for your writing life. Do you want to know those four?”

Shut up and write.

So, here it is, your message for today, for the rest of your life. Shut up and write (or paint, or sing, or dance). Quiet your speaking voice, your doubts, your fears, your mind, and the many reasons why you can't or shouldn't, and just write.

Stop the gnawing doubts before they have a chance to spiral out of control! Stop searching for wisdom outside yourself! Get still. Breathe. Allow and welcome. Stop the old stories, the old conditioned things you tell yourself. Stop wondering if you're good enough, original enough, interesting enough, smart enough, funny enough! Stop wishing there was more time, more quiet, less kids and chaos, more inspiration. Step out of your head, be still, and watch your breath go in, then out, and in and out...

Then take out your trust, your love, your compassion, your gentleness, your pen and paper (or laptop) and write and write and write! And know that you are absolutely, positively perfect and complete, exactly and precisely as you are, right here. Right now.

And then...write your ass off.

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  1. Amen, sister.

    You are nailing it.

    A fine teacher :)


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