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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Only a few more days until a new year begins...always a good time to look closely at ourselves, our thoughts, our lives/relationships, etc... (without stress, of course). It's a good reminder to check in and see where we are, to ask ourselves what we really want and don't want/what we need and don't need/what we are passionate about/what we might embrace more fully and what we can let go of.

So, along with cleaning out the little nooks and crannies inside my house, I'm attempting to clean out a few in my mind. I thought leaving a few words here would be cleansing and, besides, it's been way too long since I've posted on this site.

Here's to a brand new year filled with all the peace you can possibly imagine...

P.S: I just came across these lines in a poem I wrote a while ago and something about them caught my attention--thought I'd share.

It has something to do with that tree,
I’m sure
the way it stands so assured
so rooted and forever
so not this or that
So not trying
but simply BEing
all of this
And that

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  1. Thanks Jules--I needed to be reminded to do you so much! Tiffany


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