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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Love Poem for this Valentine's Day

There are only 24 minutes left to this Valentine's Day...just enough time to post a poem about love (written for my dear husband).

What a sweet thing, a whole day dedicated to love. What would the world look like if we dedicated every day to love? What a beautiful world it would be...


I want to crawl inside
your heart space
curl up tight and close
And silently allow
it to massage me
with its many notes
and rhythms
I want to stay
there for a moment or maybe
an eternity
feeling every bit of everything
You feel. I don't
want to miss a beat
or run
when it gets to be
too much
I want to stay and stay
with each rhythmic pulse
with every pang
and blossom; I want
to stay

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♥ Julia