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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Absolute Gratitude

The below words were running through my head this morning--my new response to an old poem I wrote about waiting and wanting. I'm bursting here with a sense of what's possible, with a sense of purpose.

Something inside of me has released it's tired grip and i'm exhaling--big giant relieving, renewing, cleansing, healing, joyous EXHALES.

Thank you universe.

She doesn't sit
or want
or wait

For something has come.

She knows now
this full moment
is all
there is

at last
she's found
the sun


  1. What a true artist Julia! I love the latest poem, posted above your unrestricted, truly passionate paintings:) I could REALLY hear those words in a song. The words below were sooo really true to the spirit!! I'm knocked out. Good question about what holds us back. I suppose we could ponder that question, though, energy probably best spent digging in and learning how to work that creative spout-with intention.

    Looking forward to hanging out. This web page is REALLY something! Thank you.


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