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Friday, March 27, 2009

"When we open ourselves to the light and listen to the truth within us, we find possibility. Through this new understanding, we find our center, we find our breath, we find our path." Author unknown

I just flipped open my book, Life, Paint and Passion by Michele Cassou (one of my all time favorite books on the creative process) and this is the passage in front of me:

"As I learned more and more about the working of creativity through watching myself and my students, I realized that my main function as a teacher was to destroy the binding attached to the idea of creation. It was to have people recover their natural instinct to play, to invent, to listen to their intuition. I discovered that my role was to give them nothing-nothing that they could tangibly use-so that they would have to dig in themselves for everything: colors, shapes, proportion, images. I would often announce, 'I am not going to give you anything you can put in your pocket. I hope you will know less when you leave here-not more!' My function was to destroy their beliefs about what they could not do. I wanted to make them see that all they needed and wanted was already inside them, like the water in a well that never runs dry. Most of all, I wanted them to realize how thirsty they were. I had become the unteacher. My students were students of themselves; the real teacher was the painting process. Together we have had a wonderful and intense time unlearning, playing, and discovering, while giving life a chance to manifest. The unteacher and the unstudents..."

I'm sure there will be many more quotes by Michele to come--her way of looking at the creative process so resonates with me and can be applied to just about anything. If you're interested in learning more, her web address is

I continue to paint and am absolutely loving the process. Because I know so little about painting, I don't feel held back by any "right" or "wrong" way. It feels playful and free and very much quenches my thirst.

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  1. Such a breath of fresh air to read this. Thanks for posting it. I want to play--thanks for reminding me.


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