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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Old Poem

Below is an old poem that's been buried in a file I rarely open. For some reason (while lying in bed late at night) it's been running through my head--over and over again. I decided it's time to put it out in the light of day.

It was written one sleepless night, in the height of my writing frenzy. I was feeling connected, inspired and absolutely certain about my need to write, to create, to free myself from self-imposed limitations.

Here's to breaking down those walls and doors and all that other stuff that stands in our way, and to returning to that place inside of us that knows nothing of limits and is already complete and boundless and awakened.


Spent a lifetime
peeking around sharp corners
running from ghosts
not there
rummaging through narrow caverns
in pursuit
of unwavering Truth

freight trains screamed past
without my notice
whispers in the night I could not hear
whispers of trust and openness
baby steps, they said.


Just open the goddamn door!

floodgates will collapse
and send you
into other worlds
and awakened

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  1. Surprise, surprise! Creativity begets's all connected and you're in the flow.


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