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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Following Our Bliss

"I know that once I stopped trying to fit what I wanted to do into some kind of real-world form, what I wanted to do sprouted urgent feathers and took flight. Desire will take you beyond every limitation." Tama Kieves, author of This Time I Dance

My greatest challenge lately has been to trust that what moves me, inspires me, quickens my pulse and takes me to an altered, beautiful state, is what I must continue to follow. While part of me is blissfully mixing colors and allowing images to appear, another part of me is nagging and tugging, reminding me of all I "should" be doing--mopping the floors, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, looking for a "real" job.

While I try to simply observe these annoying intruders, sometimes it just gets too intense and I start to doubt that"following my bliss" can ever really lead me somewhere beyond where I already am. I wonder if I should just start being "realistic" and find a job that brings in a second income. When my husband asks me what I've been doing all day, it can be hard to justify that I've been painting or writing, especially if dinner is not on the table and the refrigerator is empty.

To trust that our greatest desires will take us beyond limitations takes an enormous amount of commitment to ourselves and our dreams. We are taught to be "realistic" to make the "safe" choices, choices that will ensure stability and security. Rarely have I been around people that tell me to go where the energy of passion is, to stay true to myself at all costs, to trust that this intense desire will not only leave me safe and secure, but alive and passionate and free.

I'm all about passion and freedom. I am committed to following the flow of my desires, the energy of my passions--I know that it is only when I'm doing this that I feel safe and secure. I must continue to trust that "the way" or "the form" will show itself when it's ready.

And I'm all about encouraging others to stick to their unique path, to trust their inner wisdom--to choose passion and inspiration over what is safe and secure. We must continue to remind each other to stay true, that it is worth it, that following our bliss is the path of least resistance and will lead us to beauty and love and openness and freedom. It will move us beyond every limitation. We will sprout wings. We will take flight--safely and securely.

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  1. Beautifully said. Yes! Yes! I love the Tama quote too. It is exactly right, but you can't know that until you follow your bliss!


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