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Friday, May 22, 2009

I Am Afraid Of The Daylight, by Rumi
All these miracles are about to drive me crazy:
my elbows, my ears, my nose, my wife's nagging,
and the sweet darkness of the night, and this blanket existence
around my soul,
and my heart connected to the pulse of
every creature.
I am afraid of the daylight.
Yesterday God was
balls, planets, and
their kin.

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  1. I know this pain very very well. I've lived with it for long enough to be Ok with it, but I do understand that it almost feels like giving a child away. Julia Cameron talks about finding what it best for you-whether it is finding some work to support the art or maybe you are ready to feel the constant un-known as a day to day acceptance. You'll still notice that the floor needs sweeping, but still your guitar gently weeps. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Honestly, I have actually been healed and scarred from this predicament. For me only I've come to believe that "art" is definitely about following a bliss, but, like having a child, you sometimes have to take on whatever you have to to care for this 'child'. One thing is for certain: when you stick to it, you can at least have the peace of mind of knowing that you can rely on yourself to follow through, even it is more sweat than you thought it would/should be. I definitely do not know what your path through art will be like. I believe I was given an "easy path" at one point, but something in me chose the much more challenging one. Now I do what it takes, knowing that I have to 'struggle' a little more to fulfill some of my basic needs, artistically speaking. Anyway, I can't wait to hang again. Whatever you do, decide on it and just do it.



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