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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Back

We're back from our vacation. It was ten days full of long drives, camping, gorgeous scenery, marshmallow roasting, campfires, boating, rafting, hiking, biking, visiting family...lots of fun and variety.(Mixed with a few not-so-fun moments with little girl whining and fighting.) The girls are at great ages right now (7 and 4) and we're really enjoying them (mostly :).

So, now it's readjustment time; unpacking, laundry, house cleaning, etc...I always seem to have a tough time realigning after a vacation--so I'm working on finding my rhythm again. Below are some old words of mine I just stumbled upon...they are helping put things in perspective this morning.

It has something to do with that tree,
I’m sure
the way it stands so assured
so rooted and forever
so not this or that
So not trying
but simply BEing
all of this
And that

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