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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning to Let Go

I'm sitting in a quiet house while my little one sleeps.  She decided she was too tired to go to school today.  I can tell I'm getting far better at letting go because every cell in my body was eager to get home to an empty house this morning.  My plan was to paint.  Ahhhh...painting.  It's been far too long since I've done that. 

I was ready this morning after all the back-to-school transitions (my seven-year-old started last week and there have been lots and lots of tears and resistance to going to school) to sit and do my thing; put splashes of color on wood. I had this whole conversation with myself about how i would just sit down, paintbrush in hand, without expectations to create anything in particular. I was coaxing myself into being gentle. After all, it's been a few weeks.

But then my little one cried and cried, saying she was too tired to go to school, that she wanted to be with mommy today, that she really just wanted to take a nap. so--here i am, waiting for that moment, which will most likely be very soon, when her door opens and she pokes her adorable little head out and wants me to "spend time with her." And instead of resisting and wishing for that uninterrupted time, I'll smooch her chunky little cheeks all over and settle into her irresistible scrumptiousness.


  1. You are an amazing mother! They are so lucky to have you, and the world is so lucky to watch you letting go, and finding peace with it. I'm sure your painting will be that much freer because of it...

  2. Well done, momma and soul sister. I hope you had a scrumptious day!!


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