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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.  How do you know this the experience you need?  Because this is the experience you are having at this moment."     Eckhart Tolle

Photo taken by Kevin Moul        Taos, New Mexico

I find so much comfort in the above words.  What a relief it would be if we could truly trust that everything that is happening is happening  for us not to us.  What if we looked at the present moment (and it's always the present moment) as an opportunity to find the gift in whatever is happening. 

When we slow down and pay attention and look really closely, we drop to a deeper level; a level beyond our conditioned, busy minds.  From this deeper-level place, we can settle into whatever is with acceptance and consciousness rather than judgment and resistance.  Our heart opens.  We see through the eyes of love rather than from that jaded and fearful place that really doesn't see at all. 

When we drop to that place of presence and absolute trust in what is, we stop needing things to be a certain way.  We stop thinking something out there is the big break that will finally make us happy.  When things don't happen the way we think they should, we look for the gift rather than sinking into that place of disappointment, anger, guilt, sadness, etc...

We save so much precious energy when we stop resisting what is and instead extract the little shining jewels of beauty and hope and promise, and love from each experience.  These gifts are truly present in every single moment

This is the path to freedom.  I'm sure of it. 


  1. oh, so timely. thank you, thank you for being in the flow...

  2. wow. truly, wow. Thank you for these timely words....concise, precise, well-written. A gift for everyone who reads it....


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