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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Days

Last year's first day of school photos of my now second grader.  Check out the big toothless smile....ahhhhh.

                                            My sweet and intense Marielle                                

My "little beauties" are currently screaming at the top of their lungs from their bedrooms. Not crying-screaming, just an obnoxious look-how-loud-we-can-be-kind-of-screaming. Let's-see-how-much-we-can get-under-mommies-skin-kind-of-screaming. It's definitely time for school to start. Not sure if tomorrow morning is quite soon enough. Ahh, kids are soooo cute.

Today my seven-year-old gets to meet her teacher. Her teacher is new to the school this year so we haven't yet met her. She's asked me at least 3 dozen times if it's time to go yet--some serious excitement/nervousness/anticipation going on here---probably one reason for her wild behavior. Right now I'm standing here at my laptop while the two of them have me lassoed with their jump ropes--such fun.

My four-year-old starts Monday. As good and crazy as the summer has been, I am welcoming the beginning of this school year with wide open arms. It will be so nice to have some structure again, some time to fit in the exercise I've let slide. Time for creativity and grocery store trips free of that enormous red car cart. It will be nice to have smaller increments of time to spend with them which, hopefully, will make those times a little more quality. And I'm sure they will welcome a little break from each other. And me.

For now, I will keep taking those deep breaths, inhaling the smell of the freshly baked zucchini bread they "helped" me make and try my hardest to remember what it's like to be seven and four.

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  1. Your art is just beautiful. I love all of the trees and the spirit you can feel moving through them. Your "little beauties" are beauties indeed. Love the gap teeth :) Have a blessed day!


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