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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life, Paint and Passion

"You do not use art as a means to an end but as a way to inhabit and explore the present. Right and wrong fade away; you recover your sense of what is authentic in you. The next expanse of nothingness, with its latent possibilities, awaits you, draws you close. Your art is part of the big painting of your life. You are on your own standing by yourself in the middle of creation. In the beauty of that aloneness, and in how you respond to it, you will find your passion."

Michele Cassou, from her beautiful book Life, Paint and Passion

I absolutely adore Michele Cassou and her approach to the creative process.  Her book, Life, Paint and Passion is so gentle and loving--it shows us how to embrace the creative process, not as a means to an end, but as a beautiful process that connects us to wide open possibility and turns us inward toward our authentic selves. She shows us how to shed old beliefs and conditioning and open to the magic of the unknown.

Below are a few questions she so gently turns us toward:  (And can be applied to just about anything.)

*If you are reluctant to start a painting, ask yourself:  What would I do if I didn't have to worry about the way it looked?

*If you are waiting for the right image, think about this:  What would you paint if you were not trying to impress anybody with your result?

*If you find yourself trying to reproduce what you see in your mind, ask yourself:  What would I do if I were not afraid to be free?

*If you don't know what to listen to, ask yourself:  What would I paint if I really let myself feel?

*If you are frightened of painting your demons, ask yourself:  What would I paint if I let myself go wild?

*If your find yourself too involved with the meaning of the painting, ask yourself:  What would I do if I painted something that didn't have to make sense?

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  1. This almost makes me want to paint. Such a loving and open way to explore ourselves. Thank you for posting this, as it can apply to so many things. I have this feeling that this is taking you down an amazing path that will blow your mind.


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