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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Below is an old poem of mine that speaks to where i am in my life at this time. I'm all about opening wide and letting the current carry me. It's amazing what happens when we step out of our own way, stop with the self-imposed limitations and open to possibility.

Life really is too short to allow doubts and fears to hold us back. Here's to dancing with the storm clouds and following our knowing hearts all the way home.

Photo taken by Kevin Moul Taos, New Mexico


Fall back
fall all the way back
let the current
carry you

open wide
to the smiling sun;
to the laughing moon, to clouds
and trees and bees and butterflies

They all know
as the river knows
as the twinkling little stars know

As your open, big heart knows
when the rest gets out of the way

Fall back
dance with the storm clouds
let all the way go

and be carried
the whole way
the whole way back

to your open

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