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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nature’s Sigh

After reading through the beautiful and poetic comments people made about fall (on Boho Girl's site) I decided I needed to put them together in some way. So, I went through all of them and highlighted words and phrases that jumped out at me and alas! a poem of sorts came through.

Thank you all for your sweet comments--i had so much fun sharing my art with you.  And thank you, Denise, for sharing your beautiful space with me.

Nature's Sigh

Breathing in wood smoke
and dancing leaves
we taste
our childhoods

hay rides
apple cider
tomatoes drying
on the vine

crisp swirling
pumpkins and puddles
and scarves
steamy, creamy mugs
of hot cocoa
and soup

ripe and open
slow and still

we curl into
woolen afghans
and tender hearts

and all the space
in between

breathing with nature
we sigh

and begin

again and again
and again.


  1. OHHHH this is perfect... it's as if all those words were meant to be put in to a poem together. Thank you for sharing that, it was a perfect way to end the day for me.

  2. So beautiful, Julia! Thanks for making such meaningful art and poetry.

  3. Can I say this kicks ass? :)

    Perfectly woven, my friend.

  4. are a gift to all of us.

    so beautiful.
    and clever is this poem.


  5. mmm so beautiful. now i want to curl up in a cozy blanket and sip some chai or savor a nice steamy mug of soup!

  6. What a wonderful idea to mesh all the thoughts together! You have created such a wonderful homage to the magic of fall, with your delightful poem! Thank you.

  7. this is lovely! such a beautiful depiction of autumn. glad to have found you through bohogirl's blog! keep painting!

  8. I love your art and your poetry! BeautifuL! I have always wanted to be a writer, but I am awful at it!!!


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