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Monday, October 26, 2009

Notes to Myself

Marielle (my seven-year-old) feeling her power!

Below are some notes I've written to myself, they serve as reminders and a way to bring myself back to center.  Thought I'd share.

***It's not about WHAT you're doing, it's about the state in which you're doing it. Don't stress about decisions, just be where you are.  Answers/clarity will come from that place of Presence.

***Love more.  love unconditionally.  Find the gift in each moment, in every person, in each full breath.
***Breathe deep, full, trusting breaths. Feel yourself surrounded by the arms of love, feel yourself being guided and carried and lead...TRUST

***Let go.  Let go.  Let go. 

***Open more in each moment. When something appears to be stressful/an obstacle, find another way to look at it.  Get broader, not, open, open

***Choose a response you've never chosen before

***Pain is your opportunity to expand

***Your first reaction will keep you making the same choices. It will keep you at the same level. It will have you say things in defensiveness that you would not say in sanity and would never even think in love. Pain is the opportunity to practice. Pain is the portal to another choice, another self, another life (Taken from quote by Tama Kieves)

***Don't refuse the gift. Don't miss the opportunity to live large, to choose large.  Breathe into discomfort until it yields new grace. (Taken from quote by Tama Kieves)

***Suffering is the perfect alarm clock--it's there to wake you up and show you that there is a different, more peaceful way to be in this world

***Choose to love more than you're loved. Don't miss the opportunity. You're only here for a little while. Deepen into this stretch, open to the opportunities, choose grace over business as usual.   (Taken from quote by Tama Kieves)

***Right here.   Right now

***It's all happening exactly how it should be...allow it to be exactly as it is. Don't argue with reality.  When we accept what is we are able to see clearly and can then choose the next step from a place of consciousness rather than from a place of resistance and limitation

***Baby steps.  One thing at a time

***Notice your inner body--feel it fully

***Non-judgment, non attachment, non-resistance=enlightenment

***Turn within. The answers lie there--always

***GRATITUDE.  Always look at what you have not what you don't many gifts. so much to be grateful for.

***Ask:  what can I give in this moment?

***It's all happening FOR me not TO me


  1. Thank you for putting this list up here. I am going to come back here OFTEN to read through it.

  2. Excellent list! I can feel the expansion and deep, full, trusting breaths all the way up here :)

  3. "Your first reaction will keep you making the same choices."

    I like this reminder. Your daughter seems to know all this and more!


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