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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Amy

amy seeley :: my favorite storm

amy seeley

I am so completely touched by Amy Seeley's beautiful music and I just adore her as a person--yet another beacon of light on this creative journey. I had the privilege of meeting her a few months ago; an intimate group in a sweet little coffee shop, my husband next to me, a cup of coffee, her playing the piano and her voice...oh. my. gosh. Her voice. It is so amazingly, beautifully soulful. When she sings, it's like the essence of her just pours out and roots itself inside you somehow---waking up every single sleepy cell in your body.

I've never in my life been this touched by music. It just does something to me.

If you haven't already heard her sing, you must. The video above will give you a feel for her passion and love for music...and her shiny beautiful self.

Close your eyes and listen, but only if you want to be deeply touched.


  1. Simply amazing - thanks for sharing Amy! And for always sharing just the right words to inspire me, calm me, connect with me.

  2. So beautiful, so inspiring. Thank you for being in tune enough to notice her, and to share her words here. She is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Amy! And beautiful Julia sharing her discoveries and keen eye for heartfelt, raw passion. xox

  4. thanks...a bright spot in my day!


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