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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Honoring What Is

Unnescessary expectations create narrow definitions or preconceived ideas of what 'should be,' and in addition to limiting your experience, they take your attention away from the beauty of what is.    Mike Dooley

Sometimes I think I might explode from utter overwhelm. There is just so much out there; infinite choices, infinite possibility, infinite ways, infinite beauty, infinite opinions, infinite creative outlets. Not to mention the around-the-clock, noisy chaos of infinite thoughts racing through my head at any given moment.

My tendency is, and pretty much has always been, to jump around from one thing to the next; to get fully inspired and passionate about something, delve in full force, and then let it be for a bit until the next cool thing catches my attention. 

With the infinite possibilities out there, I've had difficulty staying focused on one thing for very long. I have felt that in choosing one thing, I'm eliminating a whole big world of things. And when I do settle into something for a while, my tendency is to think way too much about the hows, whys and wheres. My little brain gets overloaded thinking I must know the details of how something is going to work, like I must know the unknowable ahead of time and I, just little person me, must.  figure.  it.  all.  out.

My conditioned response to my all-over-the-place-scattered-ness, has been to judge myself rather harshly, thinking I really should get my shit together and focus on something for once. Like it's really not okay for me to delve in and then sit with things for while, allow things to seep into my consciousness and understanding before moving on to the next thing.

Recently, while I was explaining the details of these "patterns," to my friend, she said something that really shifted things for me. Ahh, what a beautiful and blessed thing it is to have friends that help you see things more clearly and lovingly. The shift happened when she said something like; instead of calling it a pattern (which sounds a little negative) why not call it your creative process and honor it, really honor it.

Ah, yes. What a novel idea.  Instead of criticizing myself for being all-over-the place, unfocused, scattered girl, I could honor this way as my way, as my creative process. I could honor it. There is something so huge here and, really, it can be applied to anything whatsoever.

The minute we embrace ourselves and others, the minute we honor what's in front of us, we give ourselves permission, we accept and allow what is to be exactly as it is. It's pretty much a guarantee that if we come from a place of love and acceptance, while taking baby steps in the direction of our inspiration, the hows, whys and wheres will flow into our lives, at the absolute perfect time. with ease and grace.

Here's to honoring ourselves and all that is.  To allowing ourselves to be in a place of not knowing, and trusting that as long as we're taking baby steps in the direction of our joy, the abundant, limitless, mind-blowingly powerful Universe will take care of the rest of the beautiful story.


  1. Yes, beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me to accept my own unique process that doesn't always look very efficient from the outside. Lots of love to you this day!

  2. Here's to a day and new week of "ease and grace".

  3. so well written! It seems that you really speak to the age we are and the age we are in. I think that the creative process you are describing is actually so natural. There is something about this culture (and many others!) that pushes for "perfection" or "mastery" in creative endeavors. If we can't become perfectionists (whatever that is) then what is the point? The point is joy, of course, and so much more. Your post really speaks to me right now, as I continually align and realign myself with my dreams - and strive to remember all this important stuff along the way!

    Also...I am thinking about my older friends and relatives. When I think of the ones that had focus/mastery in their lives, I actually see less happiness. Those that free spirited through life, at least a little, speak of no regrets (even with business failures, etc.) - and genuinely seem like more relaxed, content souls. Just my quiet study. :)

  4. How very powerful this post has felt for me. I love the idea of looking at it as our own creative process.

    Your words have inspired me greatly and touched something in me... that feels so freeing.


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