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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Messages from the Universe

"You are ready.  You are divine.  You are powerful, unlimited, and eternal.  You are invincible.  You are sublime.  You are infinite, worthy, and so deserving.  Think the good thoughts, move with them, listen to your heart and mind, feel your way, and the Universe will bring you its magic until your every cup, bucket, and tub runneth over, out the windows, down the streets, and into all the lives you touch."        Mike Dooley

My sweet Marielle

After much indecision and changed plans, my friend and I dragged our bodies from Corvallis to Portland (about a two hour drive), on a rain-drenched night, to go listen to Mike Dooley speak his wise words. There were numerous physical world reasons for us not to go that evening and neither of us really wanted to go but both of us felt this unexplainable pull to go. It seemed some higher, wiser side of us, knew what we needed--I'm so glad we decided to let "it" guide us there.

Some of you might have heard about the "Notes from the Universe," these are actually notes from Mike Dooley, in disguise. I've been getting these sweet little messages in my inbox for months now so it was fun to meet the guy behind it all. I even got to shake his hand.

His new book, Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Living Your Dreams, has just been released. There is some serious wisdom in this book. Potentially life-changing stuff, really, if you allow the principles to seep in and then practice applying them. I have felt some pretty serious shifts since listening to him that rainy night and from reading the words from his book. In the next few posts I'll share some of his key points.  Below are some powerful little messages for you today, courtesy of Mike Dooley.

Let Your Burning Desire Set the World On Fire

"We're not here just to meet our needs so that we can merely survive; the original grand wish that gave birth to time and space was not for us to have some kind of break-even experience; we're here to have fun and be happy, to thrive and grow, and these objectives can only be met by pursuing the unique passions we all individually possess.  Too often it's thought that our desires are frivolous and our dreams selfish, yet our planet is an abundant and opulent paradise, and it freely shares its treasures to those who meet it halfway-less than halfway even-with unlimited thinking, great expectations, and the simplest of actions.  And the more we allow it to share with us, the more it shares with others, in an unfolding that inevitably and unfailingly far exceeds what was sought by the original dream.

Your dreams come from the infinite, and only by pursuing them with abandon can you then give to the world all you have to give, remaining true to your own 'selfish' desires.  No one else can know what fulfills you or what drives you; no one else can see through your window to the Divine nor hear the instincts and impulses that are whispered in your ear; and no one except you can know what potentials and talents lie dormant inside you.  'To thine own self be true,' as Shakespeare put it.

The question is, how do we go about moving in the direction of our dreams?  And what if we aren't even sure what our dreams are?  Mike Dooley says, "Whatever you decide to do, begin it.  Even if you're not sure what your should be doing with your life, take baby steps, today, in any direction that may possibly resonate with you.  [Move toward anything that might bring inspiration and joy.}   Do something.  Anything is better than nothing.  Move.  Take action.  Be the spark."

Okay, sublime, divine, powerful, infinite, deserving, unlimited, eternal, invincible, one-of-a-kind one, the message for today is:  One baby step at a time---think the good thoughts, listen to you heart, let yourself sparkle. 

The world so needs you.


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