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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank You, Singing Birds

In this moment I understand what is meant by the phrase, "Heaven on Earth."  This moment--the one i am in now- is so simple and pure and full.  The November sun is shining down on me, warming my face--waking every sleepy place inside.  The birds are singing.  The tiny breeze moves tree branches ever so slightly. Autumn leaves skip quietly down the street.  Beside me sits my mug of coffee, sweetened and creamed perfectly. 

I breathe deeply and feel the fresh air move inside.  My heart is open and full, overflowing with gratitude for it all--all of this that costs nothing, that asks nothing in return. 

Thank you singing birds.
Thank you sunshine.
Thank you breeze and branches and leaves.
Thank you sweet coffee.

Thank you eyes and ears and breath for allowing me to see.

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