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Monday, November 30, 2009

That's What It's All About

I got a phone call this morning from my giggling friend.  She called to tell me she had just passed a car with a bumper sticker that read, Maybe the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about. 

This cracked me up and was just the reminder I needed to get out of my busy-body-head and lighten up.  Life really is supposed to be enjoyed, it doesn't need to be so heavy and serious--it can be fun and uncertain and goofy.  Instead of trying so hard to figure things out, I can laugh at the fact that I pretty much know nothing.  The mind is really very funny, thinking it can predict what's going to happen next, thinking it knows what's best for us, thinking it can be sure about things--always wanting to wrap things up neatly and tie them with a pretty little bow.  Or so egocentric; trying to make us think we're the only ones suffering or the only ones that aren't driven by a clear sense of purpose.  It loves to evaluate and label and feel more than or less than.

My theme for today is to laugh at the thoughts that tell me something is urgent and serious, that tell me that i. must.  figure.  it.  all.   out.  now.   Phooey!  I say.  I'm just going to kick back and shake it all about, enjoy the not-knowable-perfect-mystery of it all, because it's more fun than listening to my serious little mind.

And because, maybe, that is what it's all about.


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  2. Looks like we both were inspired by the same great bumper sticker in our blogs today! Happy shaking it!


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