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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warming up with a Cold One


I'm sipping a cold beer, or as the label says, I'm "warming up with a cold one," after a long few days; days that have consisted of the following: 

Being awoken at 2:00 a.m to four-year-old having difficulty breathing (The Croup)
Sitting outside (at 2:01 a.m) rocking and calming panicky four-year-old while I shivered, and she tried to catch her breath
Thermometers and cough syrup and ibuprofen administered every few hours
"Sleeping" curled up next to little one, in her tiny twin bed, so I could monitor her every breath--window wide open so the cold air could open her swollen little throat
No exercise
No painting
No yoga
Virtually no leaving the house except to drop and pick up other daughter at school
Toilet bowl scrubbing, dish and laundry do-ing (every single clothing item in our house is CLEAN, (applause please  :), picking up of dozens and dozens of misplaced items strewn in all directions
A little writing
A phone conversation or two
Sweet moments curled up on couch with little one
Fun card games with little one (once she was feeling a little better)
Lots of smooching of scrumptious little cheeks
Lots of Clifford watching and picture book reading (giggle, giggle, quack.--sorry for excluding those of you who have know idea what i'm referring to here--i'm feeling a bit loopy).
On-going mind-chatter repeating; this too shall pass, be here now, be patient, accept what is, find the gifts, be gentle with yourself
Sweet moments of gazing at little one while she displayed her extreme cuteness
Dinner making
Snot wiping
Lullaby singing

Very happy at the moment for my cold beer.  And the quiet.  And the gratitude bubbling up inside for the sweet little ones who sleep now.  And the quiet--did I already say that? 


  1. First, your Little One is absolutely adorable; Second, I felt for must have been physically and mentally exhausted; and Third, enjoy that beer...

  2. I love this post! You come through so strongly. I love seeing it. I love that I can totally identify with where you were, and I am so excited that you saw the loveliness.


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