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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Asking Why

Sitting with myself this morning, trying to allow the tender "stuff" from the last few days to settle--trying to let it be what it is without judgment, without trying to run it out or push it away.

I just stumbled upon the quotes (below) and they resonated deeply.  I've been asking myself lots of questions lately (like throughout my whole life), one of which is, why do you write here, on this blog?  I think it's always important to look closely at what we're doing and ask why.  I don't want any part of my life to be about just going through the motions.  I want what i do to be done with presence and, ideally, love.  So, i want this blog to be about that too.  I want this to be my place to tell my truth, as it is in the moment, and ideally, to inspire you to "put down your burden of hiding."

I also know that, ultimately, this truth telling must be for me--to set myself free, to release my own blocks and accept my own fears...what happens after that is out of my control.  So, it's about facing myself, getting it down, putting it out there, and then letting go, again and again and again. 

And now in Elizabeth Lesser's words:  (From her book Broken Open)

Rumi says that when we hide the secret underbelly from each other, then both people go away wondering.  How come she has it all together?  How come her marriage/job/town/family works so well?  What's wrong with me?  We feel vaguely diminished from this ordinary interaction, and from hundreds of similar interactions we have from month to month and year to year.  When we don't share the secret ache in our hearts--the normal bewilderment of being human--it turns into something else.  Our pain and fear and longing in the absence of company, become alienation and envy and competition. 

If you're interested in opening the door to the heavens, start with the door to your own secret self.  See what happens when you offer to another a glimpse of who you really are.  Start slowly.  Without getting dramatic, share the simple dignity of yourself in each moment--your triumphs and your failures, your satisfaction and your sorrow.  Face your embarrassment at being human, and you''ll uncover a deep well of passion and compassion.  It's a great power, your Open Secret.  When your heart is undefended, you make it safe for whomever you meet to put down his burden of hiding, and then you both can walk throught the open door.


  1. amazing quotes! You are so on your path of truth--I can't wait to see where it leads you--such a gift to be walking through this as your friend.

  2. My, oh my! Loving the sweet spots you're sharing. Burden of hiding...hmmm...well said, indeed.


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