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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cafe Delirium Goodness

I've just stumbled upon the perfect cafe.  It's buzzing with conversation, it's funky, it's warm, it's festive with its mini lit up Christmas tree.  There are overstuffed couches and retro-pattered cushy chairs.  It smells like fresh dill, toasting bagels and brewing coffee.  yum.  Beside me a group of young women are telling stories and laughing, behind me two men are leaning over laptops, engaged in some sort of serious conversation, in front of me some middle-aged women are exchanging nicely wrapped Christmas gifts.  I'm sipping a sweet, frothy, chai tea out of an artsy green mug.

I've been gifted a few hours to myself and i'm just giddy about it. 

My family and i drove a couple hours north to visit with an aunt and uncle for a few days.  My husband and Uncle  F. are on the slopes today, my girls are snuggled up with Aunt D. watching a movie, and I was encouraged to take the morning/early afternoon to myself.  So, I'm breathing big sighs of relief.  After running around like a crazy person the last few days, it feels soooo nice to have a few moments to breathe and catch up with myself.  I so needed this.

It's not surprising that the first place I found myself, after parking my car on this cute little Main street, is browsing around a children's shop, as if i haven't completely overdosed on shopping these last few days.  So, after a few minutes of sifting through the racks of little girl clothes, i caught myself, and quickly forced my body out the door.  It's funny how strong the pull can be to avoid myself (by doing things that drain rather than fill up).  So, here I am, with this big white screen in front of me, attempting to turn myself back toward what's real and true.

Okay, I think I'll close this laptop, maybe order a bowl of soup, curl into this cozy chair and pull out that book i've been wanting to take a look at.  I might have to stay here until I've tried out every one of these cushy chairs--they are all calling to me.  Ahhh, how sweet it is.

Sending love to you beautiful people.   xo


  1. Beautiful! Oh, I was right there with you. Thank you for writing so well you transported me there!
    Hugs to you this holiday season. Here's to more of those special quiet times!

  2. So glad you had a little piece of heaven. After my day with my girls fighting and hyper as all get up for Santa to come, I was happy to hear about your little escape! Much love!

  3. This sounds like a previous life to me, lol. Bliss.


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