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Friday, December 18, 2009

GIVEaway Winner!

The winner of the GIVEaway  is Melissa! who said:  "I am inspired by social activists, artists, and soulful peacemakers. I am inspired to create love and compassion and peace in the world. Blessings on you beautiful lady! :)"  

Congratulations Melissa!  Head over to my Etsy Shop to choose your favorite print and then be in touch so I can send it on its merry way.

To those of you who entered, thank you so much for your sweet and heartfelt comments--I so enjoyed reading them.

P.S:  I let the random number reader choose the winner.  If you haven't seen this yet, it's a very groovy thing.  Apparently (I have no idea how this kind of stuff works) it chooses the numbers from atmospheric noise.  i love that i could just leave it totally up to... whatever forces that be!  It's funny, I've been into 1's lately, just noticing them everywhere, reminding me of our one-ness with all, and it just so happens that the groovy little number reader chose number  #11...very cool.

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  1. Yeah!!! This has brightened up an otherwise dismal morning. Love to you!


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