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Monday, December 7, 2009


I've been trying to get on this site all day but, for some mysterious reason, our internet connection has not been working.  So, finally, here i am, ready to do a giveaway of one of my prints.  I did one on Boho Girl's site a few months ago, but this is my first one here, so I'm excited!  (See below for Giveaway details.) 

To view my paintings, and to learn more about my creative journey, head over to my Etsy Shop.


 Whispers of Truth

Giveaway Details

* To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in this post. Tell me...what inspires you?

* The winner, to be chosen randomly, can choose any print in my shop.
*Winner will be announced on Friday, December 18th.

*Thanks for being here.  Enjoy!


  1. I am inspired by my life. When my eyes and heart are open, i find inspiration everywhere. What a great giveaway. You are a remarkable artist. My fingers are crossed. :)

    saramoriarty [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. I am inspired by my mom. She's amazing - strong, sweet, adorable. I have always been in awe of her. She inspires me to open up my heart and go for my dreams.

    Also, your giveaway is awesome :)

  3. I am inspired by the power of the present moment! And by you dear friend!

  4. I'm inspired by that star riddled space where time loses it's hold, and I create with abandon!

  5. I am inspired by those who DO it and make it happen. I read other people's work, I look at other people's paintings and photographs and admire them all. I'm 46 and took my first painting class last month...actually I painted my first painting in that class and I was amazed at what I could do when I just went out and DID it.

  6. moonlight
    rushing streams
    northwest forest air
    heartfelt connections
    dear friends xo

  7. I am inspired by little children.

    They laugh, play, and fight with abandon. They forgive so easily. They fully engage in whatever they are doing in the moment. They are spontaneous and authentic.

    They... gently remind me, without the mind games...all is well.

  8. I am inspired by a drive to not want to be ordinary, unseen, forgotten, boring, useless, not giving something beautiful back to this world. I want to touch lives and find bliss in my everyday. I'm inspired by all the creative sweet souls that have reached out to encourage me and join together on our artful journeys, our journeys to lose the self-doubt, the disabling fears that keep us down, lonely, scared. I'm inspired in the beauty of art and how it brings the beauty out in each and every one of us!

  9. Living in Afghanistan for the past 6 months has left a dearth of inspiration in my life, but, I find thinking about it that I am inspired by small things I probably took for granted like:

    Good conversations around a fire
    meeting people I feel an immediate connection with
    good food (I know it sounds silly, but the food here is soooo bad!)
    beautiful places and colors
    the people/soldiers I work closly with every day--so many of us are here alone and it makes our connections that much stronger

  10. I am always inspired by....

    -connecting with nature, whether it's hiking in the woods, meditating by a stormy ocean, breathing in the sun any where, any time of year.

    -a deep yoga practice that opens the body and calms the mind, giving your inner light a chance to shine bright.

    -a good poem

    -live music (preferably outdoors)

    -my kids' laughter

    -following the creative journeys of some very cool, courageous women (yes, you, SouleMama, Boho Girl, and Kristen Armstrong to name a few)

    -any documentary, video clip, story of women who have overcome obstacles to create a their life of truth and passed on their light to shine the way for others.

    Thank you for sharing journey!

  11. I am inspired by social activists, artists, and soulful peacemakers. I am inspired to create love and compassion and peace in the world. Blessings on you beautiful lady! :)

  12. I am so inspired by reading what you and Tiffer say about life and its rewards and challenges.......and to know that you both are living each day to the fullest.......XXXOOO

  13. Men and food, naturally!
    (And, okay, when I'm being a "serious artist" it's friends, nature, children, etc.)

    ~Erica Rivera

  14. I gotta say, Julie, that YOU inspire me! Watching how you've found your way, developed your path, and followed your dreams has been inspirational! Your love for family, friends, and the world around you, and your ability to channel that love into your art... well, I find THAT inspirational! GOOD LUCK JULES!

  15. seeing others do right in the world is what is most inspirational to me.

  16. I am inspired by loyalty and true friendship. It's so hard to find true friends today that will always try to be there for you. I am also inspired by faith, and the trust it takes to have it. I am so proud of you Julie for finding another creative outlit in your life. I love your all your work, it would be hard to choose!


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