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Monday, December 14, 2009

Humor (sort of)

Below is a mini "conversation" I had the pleasure of over-hearing last week between my two daughters.  I normally wouldn't have thought twice about this, but, seeing as i was having a really weepy week, and have recently put on many extra LBs, I filed it away with the multitude of other "issues" that need serious attention.

Daughter # 1 (seven-year-old)  "You have a big bottom, sister"
Daughter # 2 (four-year-old)     "You do too"
Daughter # 1   "Mommy's is the biggest"
Daughter #2 "yeah"
giggle, giggle, giggle.


To top off my week, I went out to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday and decided i needed Milk Duds. (There's something about these chewy little treats, especially at the end of an exceptionally poopy week ...)  So, after eating an entire 600 calorie box, I tossed the empty container in a parking lot garbage can.  By discarding all evidence, it felt like i was getting away with something, almost like i didn't really eat them.  That is, until later in the day, when my husband went out to the car to get a few things and retrieved, off the driver's seat, one single, completely flattened Milk dud.  Busted. 

After he presented the evidence, the two of us stood in the kitchen and laughed.  Both of us-i'm sure-imagining the same charming scene; me walking around Kmart, chewing like a cow, with a Milk Dud stuck to my bottom. 


P.S:  ***GIVEaway still in progress, click here for details.


  1. This is my favorite post of all time! Thank you for sharing your humanness!

  2. he he. i love it! i know that i've gone out and about thinking i look okay...only to find a wagon wheel or sweet potatoes...or banana that was clear - but now brown stuck to me somewhere. good to know i'm in good company!

  3. rolling with laughter with this one!

  4. My young son once told me, "Mama, you know why I love your belly? Cause it's so giggly."

    Uh, huh.

    Trying to love my giggly parts as much as my kids and hubby...


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