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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few New Paintings

Eventually I discovered for myself the utterly simple prescription for creativity: be intensely yourself. Don't try to be outstanding; don't try to be a success; don't try to do pictures for others to look at - just please yourself.   - Ralph Steiner

Below are a few not-so-good photos of a couple of my new paintings.  My scanner is out of town for a few days (otherwise known as my husband) so i'm having to improvise with a camera and poor lighting.   So, not a great representation of what they actually look like but, an idea, at least.

                   Stretching    (Acrylics on wood)

              Breathe Peace     (Acrylics on wood)


  1. So beautiful. I absolutely LOVE to see what you have created. THANK YOU! The titles make your paintings. Stretching and Breathe Peace. Gorgeous! I might have to have the Breathe Peace one.


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