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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heart Call

I am so deeply touched by the stories of all those contributing in their own unique way to the people of Haiti.  My heart is wide open and I feel compelled to help in any way I can.  When something this huge and devastating happens, it can feel overwhelming, like there is nothing we can do to really make a difference. 

But collectively, we can.  Every little bit helps.

I just read a story about a little seven-year-old boy from England who was inspired to help the people of Haiti.  He raised 80,000 pounds in one day by simply riding his bike five miles around a neighborhood park.

And then I got on Kelly Rae Robert's site and read about Myriam, a Haitian woman, who is trying to raise money for her family in Haiti who are housing children (who no longer have homes and are disconnected from their families), in the remains of their school. 

Here's Myriam's story:

My uncle Victor and Tante Mado both separately support two schools in Haiti, both have been demolished, many dead.. My uncle is housing as many children from the school as he can, all are disconnected from their own families. The shortage of water and food is chaotic and the trauma experienced is only just beginning to be understood.

My Tante Mado has 52 school girls without homes, living at the remains of their school. Another aunt, continues to wait for communication with her sister whom she was on the phone with when the quake started. It's very confusing what the best help is right now as it seems nothing is enough. Communication is so difficult, we are getting reports of deaths without any real confirmations. My heart just aches and aches, while my head spins with thoughts of how to empower myself and use all of my resources.

In speaking with family, funding is the most vital. Some are thinking beyond the disaster recovery to rebuilding homes, schools and churches

You can read more about Myriam's story and mission here.

Here's a way you can help. 

1. Please donate to Myriam's chip-in fund (it will direct you to donate via paypal).  Even the tiniest amount helps.


P.S:  Kelly Rae Roberts is giving away one of her original paintings to some lucky person who donates (and then leaves a comment on her site) to this cause.   For the opportunity to win, head over to her site  (after you donate :) and leave a comment.

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