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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whatever I am Given

I just fell over the below words, written by Goddess Leonie...
Such comfort here.

Whatever I am given, it is the right lesson and the right medicine at the right time.

*It will make me richer and deeper and lovelier and more understanding than ever before.
*It will take me to the place I need to be.
*I am given whatever it is I need right now. It is my job to find the medicine and the blessings in what I am  given, and have faith that I am being given what I need in a way that is so deep and rich and complex that I can only glimpse at its beauty.
*I know I am in the right place, because here is where I am.
*All of my life - both the things I wanted to happen and the things I didn’t want to happen - have brought me here, home to myself, and in a bigger, deeper place of love and understanding about life and Great Spirit.

My responsibility is:

*To choose with my highest spirit.
*To ask for what I need.
*To take action on my path.
*To choose how I will feel, think about and respond to those things that happen.

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