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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Big Young Four O

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -Thoreau

It's amazing how many stories/pictures/emotions, etc...can be wrapped up in an age. 

And how you hear about these ages all your life and think you'll never be the one to turn that age.  You look at people with wrinkles and gray hair and think that it's only "them" who age, like you're somehow immune.  And i think we all have memories of "old" people telling us to savor every moment because before you know it...

Then, somehow, it happens.  One morning you find the random gray hair sticking straight out from the top of your head, all wiry and intrusive.  The wrinkles around your eyes start to appear, faintly at first, and then a little more defined.  Everything you put in your mouth decides to join your thighs.  Things crackle and pop when you stand up from a seated position.  You can't remember the last time someone asked for your I.D. 

And then... you turn forty.  Inside you're still twelve or twenty but now you have this age attached to you that doesn't seem to fit.  And you wonder where the time has gone.  And you start telling young people to savor their youth because before they know it...

If i believed all these stories and pictures of what it means to be forty, i might be pretty depressed today. 

Thankfully, i can see through them and know that it's really what I see that matters.

...and i choose to see youthfulness and energy (even while i'm pulling out the second third gray hair of the day). I choose to celebrate that i have had the honor of being on this sweet earth for 40 whole years....

What a beautiful gift that has been.


  1. and so much more beautiful because you've been here! Happy Birthday sweet friend! and many many more, all perfectly lovely!

  2. Happy four oh! I'll be there in October. Looking forward to it.

  3. Happy birthday to you! My 40th comes in july (the 23rd too). I've been telling people that I'm 40 for a few years now...not sure why!

    You are a young 40. It's nice to meet you at what feels like more of a beginning of a journey than the middle!


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