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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear 2010,

Okay, listen.  I've about had it with this tangle of shit you've been so freely throwing at me these days.  Seriously, i have. 

Do you remember back, just last month, when i chose my word for the year?  Well, it just so happened that that word was EASE.  Remember?  Not TEASE, or DISease.  Not let's-see-how-difficult-we-can-make-it for her, or let's-play-dirty-sneaky-little-tricks on her (ha ha ha). 

But, EASE.  As in calm and flowing and effortless. 

Seriously, i know, there is much to be learned from struggle and opposition, suffering and contrasts and all that other bullshit, but COME ON!  I swear, i can see the gifts, really---i'm doing my best to GET THIS stuff you keep slamming in my face. 

But slow down.  i'm tired now and i just want to rest.  Can you allow for that?  Pretty Plllleeeeaase.  with sugar on top.  I'll even throw a cherry up there and some whip cream if you want.

And one more thing, do you mind if we start today?

Thank you for your consideration,

Julia M.


  1. Funny! I hear you. 2010 must be getting you ready for some awesomeness!

  2. right there with you...but i agree, it's all making way for amazing surprises. my wish for you is that they come soon! otherwise, keep breathing and take long walks.

  3. fabulous.

    it has been a gristy mill kind of start, hasn't it?

    way to face it, humanity speaking up. working on the same thing myself.

    xx lisa


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