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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ebbs and Flows

The rain is falling this morning, a light, drizzly kind of rain.  I'm at home in my warm house, old doggy sleeping beside me, a mug of hot tea, warm fleece.  All is soft and sweet and quiet.  All, that is, except for the noisy buzz of my mind.

I've been searching around this morning for someone else's words, words that would perfectly convey what it is i'm feeling at the moment.  I've been flipping through books and searching online looking for--i'm not quite sure what.

And then, in a moment, i became aware of some deeper part of me watching the fumbling-all-over-the-place part of me. 

And that deeper part of me told me to take a deep breath and pause, to slow down and settle in.  And then the deeper part told me that i have all the words i need, that i can look toward myself rather than away from myself. 

What i want to say has something to do with the ebb and flow of creativity and life in general.  It has something to do with settling into those ebbs and flows rather that resisting them or wishing them away. 

My mind loves to tell me what it thinks i should be doing--it really isn't okay with me taking a day to simply be without some "productive" agenda.  My mind thinks i should write neat little sentences and tie my thoughts together just perfectly.  My mind loves to tell me that i don't have the right words to convey what i'm feeling and that what is isn't really okay.  My mind is impatient and thinks it needs to "make" things happen rather than trust in the beautiful flow of life.

So, with only a little bit of time before i need to go pick up my little one, i will listen to that sweet and gentle part of myself.  That part that says; settle in, breathe deeply, quiet your mind, listening to the that you are just where you need to be in the ebb and flow of life.

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  1. Beautiful Julia. You just made me so peaceful feeling. Thank you for that.


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