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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing in Particular

"When you have the courage to do what you must without fear of ramifications, there is a resolution far deeper than any you could impose on the painting.  There is an intelligence within you that is superior to any solution contrived by the mind.  If you dare follow the inner call without reservation, you are putting your trust in a reality that can never be captured by ideas or concepts.  This is the challenge of creative exploration." 
Michelle Cassou, (From her book, Life, Paint & Passion)

Whew.  I've been splashing around in paint this morning; squeezing out way "too" much paint, "too" many colors.  Setting the paintbrush aside and sinking my fingers into it--my whole hand--dabbing, spreading, color everywhere--all shades of blue and green, orange, white.  making a mess.  Trying to let go of the product, to be present and allowing.  Remembering to breathe, releasing on wanting it to be "good." 

I am left with nothing in particular; a piece of wood, colors all blended together now--a soft sea of greenish-blue.  Nothing to display or post. 

Just a heart full and calm.


  1. I'd love to see the process. Sometimes I revise a necklace 100 times before I settle on something that feels right. Ok, maybe not that many.. I LOVE process!


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