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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am learning...

"How do we evolve? By becoming more aware of who we are. By living more and more from our authentic natural self that knows the way. Remember, 'who I am is always enough.' And when we explore our own natures, we can connect consciously, honestly and deeply with the rest of life." Author unknown

I am cozied up in the warmth of my home; candle flickering, sweet cup of coffee, fire lit (thank you for planting that seed, Kelli!).  Outside it is gray and rainy.  Inside I feel peace and immeasurable abundance. 

I am learning to find the gifts in whatever is before me, even if what is before me doesn't appear "good,"  or "pretty" or "nice." 

I am learning that when i give directly from my heart, my heart fills and opens and spills over with a love that is pure and true and wide open with possibility.

I am learning that when i focus on what is good and beautiful in my life, the good and beauty grows & expands.

I am learning that the only way to offer the best of me is to live more and more from my authentic natural self and to accept all of who i am.

I am learning that when i simply settle in and stop imposing shoulds and shouldn'ts on myself, i am free to be whoever i am in this moment--no trying, just being. 

I am learning that the more i love and accept myself, the more i love and accept others.  And that the more i love and accept others, the more i love and accept myself.

I am learning that what i give to others, i give to myself.  always.

I am learning that my heart always knows and that when i slow down and listen and trust, i am led to beauty greater than i could have ever imagined.

I am learning that what i want most in this whole wide world is to connect consciously, honestly and deeply with myself and others, to love and accept, to find the peace that is always here, now.  And to be fully and completely all of who i am.  And for all of you to know the same.

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  1. Yes you are! So much wisdom here. It is such a joy to share in the journey with you, and watch you open, and open and open to all of the gifts of the heart!


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