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Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm in Love!

It's only happened to me a few times, where I see art and am immediately moved by it, like it actually touches me inside and expands me in some way.  Last week I stumbled upon this (below) gorgeous, fun, inspiring, playful, happy art and fell in love. 

Through her paintings, her blog, and a few sweet email exchanges, I feel I have gotten a glimpse into a very special person.  I wanted all of my readers to have the same honor.

Below are a few of my favorites--there are dozens more in her online shop.  Enjoy!

Artwork by Lori Portka

This is my very favorite--i just love all the color and the beauty of this woman-she looks so peaceful and centered.

Could this cow be any sweeter?

And this one!


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful artwork--so fun, sweet and free! Reminds me of someone I know!

  2. Julia, THANK YOU. I am going to print our your words from this post and hang it by my desk. Your kindness is so appreciated.

  3. I also just stumbled upon Lori's art a few days ago and it totally charmed me!

  4. It's been love at first sight!

    Before this post I had linked to Lori's site and it struck that familiar chord that keeps bringing me back.

    Thanks for providing the space to connect to greatness!!

  5. I agree completely -- Lori paints with such heart, and her personality shows it, too. Lovely post!

  6. oh julia, you did a wonderful job at spotlighting lori's talent!

  7. Hi Sweetheart~Your writing is incredible!! There is no doubt that everything you say is from your heart and beyond. Your insight and words are amazing-really puts me at peace. I love, love your new paintings!!!! You are so gifted and I'm so happy you are mine. Can't wait to see you. Love you too much. Mom


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