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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What if You Didn't Have to Know?

What if you didn't have to know what comes next?
What if you couldn't make a mistake?
What if it didn't matter what other people thought?
What if you could trust that everything you need is inside of you? 

I've been blown open this weekend.  No, I've been sweetly, gently, beautifully, nudged open.  That space where my heart is feels soft and receptive; savoring what is now, open and eager for what comes next. 

I am on the Oregon Coast in a sweet little coffee shop called Bella Espresso.  I am sipping a vanilla latte with just the perfect amount of foaming sweetness.  A few sweet moments ago, i was at a cafe/art gallery/little piece of heaven, called Inspiration, where I walked slowly and sipped and devoured every morsel of art.  And ate a yummy Caesar Salad created by a brave woman named Sue who moved out here from New Jersey because it was her dream.  And some steamy clam chowder that was truly goodness in a bowl.  Moments before that, i gently walked on the beach until i was sufficiently saturated with sea air; listening to the sound of playful waves and screeching seagulls, watching giggling children and adults run toward and then away from rushing sea water.  Taking deep, full breaths of all of it.

And moments before that I stood before a big piece of white paper, held in the space of warmth and love and lit candles; allowing the brush and color to be my guide.  where i stopped choosing and started allowing "it" to choose me.  Where i stopped asking where it was going and started allowing images to appear.  Where i started to believe that there really aren't mistakes and began trusting something inside of me that has been quietly asking for my attention for as long as i can remember. 

In this moment, i am full and overflowing.  And what if i don't have to know what's next?


  1. You are an amazing writer. I so love your blog!

  2. Here's to trusting what's inside...and the yummy description of your time at the coast. Loved seeing you this weekend.


  3. oh, boy, Julia. Can you feel my excitement? You are really on to something here! Beautiful!


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