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Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Glass Pendant!

This process is going much more slowly than i would like but all things happen in their own time, right?  Below are a couple of photos of another one of my glasss pendants.  More to come!

"Soar"  homemade glass pendant (print of my original artwork)

The back of the pendant with silver sun bale (i'm loving these sweet suns)


  1. Looks so beautiful! Nice photo on the tree. Hope you're soaring today!

  2. Julia! I am so excited about these! They are so wonderful. I can relate to the process going slowly- it has been that way with getting my clay studio going. But you are right- it is all in perfect time. I cannot wait to get one of your pendants!

  3. Yes! Those photos turned out great - looks like you found the perfect spot and sliver of sunshine. I can see these pretty pendants becoming the next big thing. Maybe you'll end up on Oprah or something :)


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