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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Create Your Own Sky

"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you."  Rumi

Photo taken by Kevin Moul       Taos, New Mexico

Just had that first sip of coffee...Mmmm, how i love that first sweet sip. The sun is shining this morning, for the first time in days--it's been raining like crazy around here. Very refreshing to feel the warmth of the sun.

Lately, i've been thinking a lot about what it means to be my whole authentic self. I realize that so much pain and suffering in this world comes from trying to be someone else's idea of "good," or "successful," or "acceptable." Or trying to imitate what's already been done, rather than reaching deep inside of ourselves and asking what our heart really & truly wants. And then being brave enough, open enough, to share our unique gifts. 

Yesterday, while painting, i was so aware of the voices in my head that continually told me what i should and shouldn't paint, judging every color i chose, every brush stroke i made. Rather than listening and allowing them to stop me in my creative tracks, i simply noticed them. And kept painting, breathing, allowing myself to settled into a quieter place.

There were moments (while i was painting the sky for what i thought was the background of my painting) when i felt a quiet stillness, like i was being gently held by the sweetest kind of love. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, i heard this: Create your own sky.

It was beautiful. And i realized that this is really what it's all about--creating our own sky.

It's amazing the beauty that comes when we step out of our confused, rambling, critical, know-it-all minds, for even just a moment. There is such peace in that quiet space between thoughts.

How will you create your own sky today?

p.s:  New sky painting coming soon.  (i think)        :)


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for your inspiration! I love that caption. You are so right! Thank you for asking the question what will my sky be. Today, I am sure it is cotton candy pink with white polka dots and rainbow stripes!

  2. ooo. a little chill. i love those zen moments that extend into minutes.

    my sky? a wondrous moody swirl of deep purple blue!

  3. oh so well said. You wrote about what so many of us go through. I find my creativity gets totally bogged down when I start the dreaded comparing....
    Beautiful post. I love visiting here!


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