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Monday, April 12, 2010


It seems every time i get a little creative flow going, stuff happens.  Like my girls have multiple days off of school or spring break comes around or someone gets sick. 

I was determined to do all kinds of creating today and tomorrow (my seven-year-old has the rest of the week off) but this afternoon, when i picked my five-year-old up from preschool, she had absolutely no color in her little face.  We almost made it home before she threw up, but not quite.  not so fun.  Throw up and cars just aren't a good mix.  Poor little girl. 

So, yet another lesson in letting go...flow will happen again, right?

On a fun note!  I've been creating some things i'm SO excited about!  It's funny how you never know what's around the corner.  I'm really getting that when i stay in a place of openness and trust, amazing surprises happen!  i would never have imagined i'd be making glass pendants--but i am!  Thanks to  my husband, i was able to shrink my prints down to tiny-wee-little things and have created what i think are just the coolest pieces of jewelry!  I've been wearing a few of my own and they have been making quite a splash!

As soon as i have a little time to create a few more and can take some nice photos, i will list them in my Etsy shop!  For now, i'll leave you with a sneak preview--a few not-so-great quick shots i took of my pink tree pendant.

Stay tuned for more!

P.S:  The lack of clarity and blurriness is the not-so-good-shot.  The tree print is actually amazingly clear!

Whispers of Truth, glass pendant


  1. OMG that is so pretty, I almost had to swear, but I try not to swear on other people's blogs. (I did not say "cute". Not the same thing.) I want one!

  2. I wish people could see these in person! They are amazing! They take your breath away! I can't wait for mine! You are such an inspiration, my friend!

  3. Darling, Julia. Team Fehrenbacher has accomplished greatness in these little bursts of love on a chain. I've decided to go with the words "inspire joy" (customization is yet another fun feature).

    So sorry to hear about little lil (and your car). Hope she's back to her shiny self soon. Love and hugs xox

  4. Julia! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see them in your shop!

  5. I hope your daughter is feeling better that that no one else in your home got sick.


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