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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love is Always the Answer

This weekend i had the privilege of being a part of the most beautiful retreat.  It was a retreat with a small, intimate group of women, in a place where the creek sang me to sleep, the wind held me, the trees whispered their truth. 

We meditated, did the deepest, sweetest yoga i've ever had the gift of experiencing, danced our bundas off, shared, laughed, ate the freshest, most divine organic food, blessed the water, blessed each other, connected on the sweetest, deepest level.  It was rejuvenating, energizing, inspiring, healing. 

At some point during the weekend, while i was sitting in quiet praying for guidance on a specific challenge in my life, the words, Love is always the answer, came. 

I'm thinking i was gifted with the most simple truth in that moment--one i would like to apply in all parts of my life. 

It really is all about love, isn't it?


  1. Julia, this post made me wish I was there so much! Love is the answer. This reminds me of a course in miracles- only love is real.

    I'm so glad you soul got to sing while you were there!

  2. Yes, I believe love is always the answer. Loving yourself, loving others, blessing those that may challenge you. Letting your light shine and spreading love through your mind, body and spirit seems to always be the foundation of truly living a divine, fulfilled life.
    Through your writing, I felt your love for life and all blessings around you. Thank you for this beautiful experience!I can still smell the cigar of the old man, that walks with you, so proudly stating that you are a part of him. Remembering that day, when I first began readings. Thank you again.

  3. feeling this truth, and living it right now.. i love how your retreat has a ripple effect on those of us that read your blog, your family, etc. more love back to you~


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