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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Be the Light

This morning, after dropping my girls off at school, I was behind a car that had a tiny little bumper sticker that said:  Be the Light. 

Seems to be the message for the day.  The sun is intermittently peaking through the clouds, the tulips are still alive and pretty, the birds are singing their songs.  My heart is full and happy.

I am showing my pendants at a wine opening this weekend!  so i will be outside this morning, with the sun and yummy, fresh air, creating little pieces of art.    blessed.  i am.


  1. Hi Julia! Thank you for your kind words! It is beautiful to feel so supported and encouraged by so many sweet and talented people all over the world!
    I wanted to publish your comment on my blog but something must have gone wrong, because somehow it disappeared. Anyway i thank you again ad am looking forward to starting this adventure together

  2. Sorry for the double posting, just wanted to say that your comment has magically appeared again!

  3. This post was so sweet and uplifting! Your pendents are perfect with wine! I am so happy for you Julia.

  4. Happy Joy Light! Happy for you and have been LOVING wearing my pendant. It is like a light around my neck moving with me through my days! So special to carry a piece of you. Enjoy the sun! And have fun this weekend at the wine opening.



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