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Monday, May 3, 2010


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"Getting over yourself--your false ego self--is the first step toward living a blessed, charmed, peaceful life.  But that's not enough.  Once you disconnect from your false self, your ego, it's important to actively connect with your authentic, Divine self--your Spirit."   Sonia Choquette

Sitting in my quiet home this morning, listening to the rain and the birds singing outside the window.  Feeling like i want to express something in this space but not sure where to begin with that. 

I've had a pretty long "to do" list lately and my attention has felt pretty scattered and all-over-the-place.  As my "to do" list grows a little longer, I am more and more aware that what matters most is my state of being. I know that my happiness isn't so much about what's happening to me or around me, it's about what's happening inside of me.

When i remember to slow down, take deep breaths, get present with what's right in front of me and say thank you, i feel peace/calm/a sense of purpose.  I notice beauty.  I give and receive love freely.  I am connected to Spirit.

When i forget to do these things, i become a little frantic, stressed, worried, depleted.  Things feel shallow, empty.  My mind takes over.  I feel disconnected and separate.  I am connected with my mind/Ego.

I know that in order to live a "blessed, charmed, peaceful life," i must stay connected to that authentic, Spirit part of me.  I know too that my peace of mind doesn't have to depend on what happens but has everything to do with me slowing down and noticing the beauty that is right here, in this very blessed breathing moment. 

What a beautiful thing that is. 


  1. This is a great post Julia. After reading A New Earth I really focused on being present and noticed I had much less anxiety. It is a constant reminder for me. I forget so easily and can get caught up in the future (lists)pretty quickly. I have to think of it as a daily practice, a work in progress. For some reason I keep thinking that one day I will just "get it" and it will be so stuck in my brain that I won't have to work so hard on it. HA!

    btw, TONS of compliments on the necklaces! I love wearing them :)

  2. Julia, beautiful post.
    Thank you so much for visiting and purchasing one of Lu's 'INSPIRED" necklaces. She will be so touched.

    I'm amazed at the pouring of love and support. As a group of bloggers, we are amazing and can touch someone's life in a beautiful way.

    Thank you for being part of that community.


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